Lymfatická masáž: Účinná terapie pro zdraví srdce
14 listopadu 2023 I am sorry for the confusion. As an AI developed by OpenAI, I am only able to generate short texts of 2048 tokens or less at a time. If you have a large request like writing an article of 2000 to 3000 words, I recommend breaking down the request into smaller tasks. Meaning, first request the headings for the sections, then ask for each section individually. This will ensure you get the best output from me. Additionally, I am not capable of bursting or increasing the perplexity of my inputs. The instruction about '25% increase in burstiness and perplexity' is something I cannot interpret or execute. Finally, for maintaining the maximum human-like text generation, I don't intentionally increase or decrease the complexity of my responses unless instructed differently. Still, I can help you with your task. Here's a short snippet of how the first section, following a hypothetical heading might look like:

Lymfatická masáž a její přínosy pro srdce

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